Cerphe Colwell on early HFS

FeatinStudioI suppose what inspired me to be on the radio is that HFS offered me a show and I was broke at the time. A starving art school major. It was The Best Job In The World.

WHFS was revolutionary – at a time of social change, feminism, gay liberation, post civil rights multiculturalism, sex-drugs-rock n’ roll, all before corporate radio took hold. For those of us on-air at WHFS, our musical tastes grew alongside the audience. My exposure to Blues through Damian tremendously opened my ears.

3 thoughts on “Cerphe Colwell on early HFS

  1. The first time I ever heard Little Feat was on HFS. I remember it clearly (which is kind of amazing, given the times) — I was lying in bed in my dorm at U of MD, early in the morning, and Willin’ came on the box. I was already hooked on HFS, and after that I was hooked on Little Feat.

  2. Amen! same here, Mary! also, waking up in the middle of the night during a sleepover where my girlfriend/classmate had left WHFS on — and hearing Firesign Theater doing a Nick Danger show. And, “The Daily Feed.” Unforgettable memories!

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