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  1. Hi, Jay, I’d like to contribute copy editing time to the project, if you need someone to do that. And the pictures of you online are gorgeous, by the way. Damien looks like Sam Elliot, doesn’t he? Tell Wease I said Hi and that I’ve missed him. I’m now living near my hometown of Clarksdale, Mississippi, in the MS Delta a few miles from Morgan Freeman and Bill Luckett’s Ground Zero Blues Club, a great and big juke joint. I’ve been writing, editing and shooting here for newspapers and magazines for a while and also publish a mag called “Q” (for Quitman County) Magazine which is not a slick and is loved by all! In HFS’s early days, I managed and booked several local DC area bands and worked for Richard at Unicorn Times. Now, I’m a huge Paul Thorn/Billy Maddox music fan. I guess Richard’s scruffy look fits in great near Metro stairs on the Mall now, doesn’t it? Of the 86 people who contacted me via fbk in the last 12 days, the HFS nod was the most exciting! Know you’re gonna’ have fun with this. Let me know if I can help. Diane Donnelly (662) 624-1941 Cell/Text/24/7

  2. PS: And what a great shot of John Hall. You may recall that he and I co-managed that wild bunch, the Good Humor Band. He always did take better pictures than Diane! The Robert Palmer one reminded me that SmallTalk opened for him at the MineShaft in Charlottesville. What a treat! I realize this was a lot to read; I just may never have time to write to you again!

  3. Will someone release any and all live recordings from any root boy slim shows recorded before 1978 asap? Will someone get the book tommy ruger – the drummer for rb slim- wrote about the band published asap?

  4. It’d be nice to bring the old HFS back. GOD only knows where I’d be now if not for stumbling onto the station sometime around ’74. It changed my life and formed the musical appreciation I have today. I’m still turning people onto music they’ve heard of because of WHFS. I would love it if someone could compile old some of the sets played. There must be recordings out there. I’m sure I have bits and pieces as filler on my many hours of Grateful Dead tapes but I kick myself for not just letting tapes run while listening. In fact, myself and friends would often comment while listening that “we should be recording this !!” The Bethesda days where the best !

  5. Any word on Thor? I seem to remember him doing a bluegrass set on Sunday afternoons. Also promoted any bluegrass festivals or concerts in the surrounding area. One in particular that I remember and attended was at Glen Echo park.

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